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Our Story

 I got into surfing when I was in high school and not long after that started getting really involved in the sustainability movement. A trip to Haiti brought me face to face with mass pollution and my concern for solid waste  grew until I was determined to do something about it. I was inspired to try to make something out of the pollution and trash I was seeing in the water where I surfed. My plan was to make a surfboard out of trash, as a way to create something to give back while cleaning up. I realized that reusing trash to create surfboards would continue contributing to the problem, so I didn’t continue the project, but I did teach myself how to make surfboards in the process. I used the typical materials, like EPS and fiberglass. I loved shaping surfboards and ended up setting up shop in my garage.


It was during this time that the idea for Mud Rat really took shape. I noticed the materials I was working with were having a negative affect on my health, even with all the protective gear I would wear. After looking into it, I found out the styrofoam cores (‘blanks’) I was shaping were not only terrible for the environment, but the dust was killing me! I began looking into making surfboard blanks out of alternative, eco-friendly materials. Mushrooms were my cheapest option (being a college student) and after some trial and error- they worked pretty well! I took advantage of the resources my school provided me, applied for grants, and got in contact with professors who could guide me on my project. I built a strong team around myself and learned how to run a business, all while researching and finding the right ways to build my surfboard blanks. Now, Mud Rat is more than my passion, it is a business built to make the world a better place, keep our oceans clean, and keep our shapers safe!


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