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Styrofoam blanks have been the norm for so long because it is such a lightweight, flexible material that can be easily manipulated. This is where we come in—we’ve found that the final product of mycelium can be manipulated during the growing process by many different factors. The way you grow it, the type of mushroom, and the substrate are all factors in how mycelium is produced. This makes it an extremely viable alternative to Styrofoam.


We’ve also ensured that how we source our materials and how they interact with the environment after they’ve left us are eco-friendly as well. We source our mushrooms from Afterlife farms in New York—the mushrooms are a byproduct of their compost. We use their “waste” to create our blanks, making a closed loop. We also use an edible mushroom strain, so if it is ingested by a human or animal, no harm will be done. We’ve thought through every step of our process to ensure that we’re not only delivering the best blank that we can, but that we’re protecting our environment through all of it too.


Right now, we’re working on building the perfect three by six foot blank. Once the prototype is complete, we’ll manufacture blanks to send out to our shaper and surfer friends and gather their feedback. If you’d like to be one of these people, let us know by contacting us below :)

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